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Machinery and machining

MFE's range of machinery is very diverse when it comes to the number of machining types and is suitable for both small and large products. The machinery is high-tech and up to date and various machines are equipped with power tools. MFE specializes in large, long, heavy or complex products of high quality.


10 CNC turning lathes and machining centres up to a length of 3 m.
8 CNC and conventional turning lathes up to a length of 20 m and a diameter of Ø 2,400 mm.
Maximum weight of 60 tons.
Various turning lathes are equipped with power tools or a milling unit.



Up to a length of 8 metres and a product diameter of Ø 850 mm and a bore diameter of Ø 400 mm. Maximum weight of 12 tons.


Milling and boring
Within MFE there are several CNC milling machines and boring machines available in various dimensions. The maximum dimensions are 6 x 3 x 1,5 m with a maximum weight of 14 tons. Maximum spindle Ø 130 mm and a range of 800 mm.


CNC and conventional grinding machine up to a length of 10 m and a diameter of Ø 2,500 mm.


Dynamic balancing
2 balance machines up to a length of 14 m and a diameter of Ø 3,000 mm with a maximum weight of 18 tons.


Classified welding
Classified welding of various materials such as steel, aluminium and S690 according to different techniques. Certified welding according to, for instance, NEN-EN 288-3, AWS D1.1.2000, Offshore code OS C401. Classification ABS, LR, DNV, GL, BV and others.